first image from my “new” (late 1920s) camera

Got it for 30€ with a broken shutter and super grimy lens but it cleaned up extremely well, and the shutter only needed some old grease removed.

It’s a “Doppelanastigmat” lens which means one can actually remove the front lens and it’s still working, just at double the focal length. Basically 2x zoom built-in. So that’s all neat. Handling the thing feels like I stole something from a museum. So that’s neat too. 🙂

I need to find film holders for it, this is with a paper negative stuffed into a glass plate back. The paper is also why the paprika is black – it’s not sensitive to red light. But film wasn’t either, until the 20s, so that’s basically historically accurate. I just forgot to put it in front of something brighter. Ah well, next time.

Exposure time 7 seconds.

9×12 (cm), 135mm f/4.5, shot on Ilford MGRC paper (treated as ISO 3), digital positive

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