Shot with a 1920s plate camera on “Agfacolor 80S Professional” film, probably from the late 70s or early 80s. There doesn’t seem to be an expiration date on the pack I have. But yeah, probably expired 40 years ago or so – doesn’t seem that important to know the exact week.

I shot it as ISO 50 (box speed is 80 but I thought a bit more light probably helps) and developed it in C41 chemistry at 25°C for 20 minutes. One or both of these things are not quite enough. Or too much. This is color negative film but the correct chemistry would be some Agfa-specific stuff more like today’s slide film developer, if the Internet is to be believed (there’s almost no info about this film available though). And apparently the emulsion melts at 30°C or above. The colors in this picture are in some part due to the electric dreams my Epson scanner had when I clicked on “color restauration”. The straight scan is very very flat and the negative is extremely thin. But who cares because this scan looks pretty awesome.

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