The hottest new thing: color photography.

With a 1920s 9x12cm plate camera. On Fujichrome Provia film, which expired 1999. So, three years …uhm no 23 years ago. That’s slide film, but I crossed-processed this in C41 (normal negative color film) chemistry because that’s finicky enough already. First one is color-corrected digitally, the straight negative is very very green (second pic is how that looks). The Internet said that Provia turns very green when cross-processed and yes it does. Well the negative itself is actually purple. Anyway.

This was more of a test – never shot real film in the “big” camera before, and I’ve also never done color development. But worked out surprisingly well. In fact I think with a bit of color fumbling it looks surprisingly normal for how stupid/weird/old the camera is. And the film too, I guess. I myself am none of these adjectives obviously.

9×12 plate camera w/ 135mm lens at f11-ish, 1/100s, on Fujifilm Fujichrome Provia 100 RDP II, home-developed in C41 (that is, cross-processed)

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