kitchen wall in 9×12

This is on Ilford MGRC paper, with a 0 Grade filter in front of the lens, which makes it behave a bit better when used as a film substitute. In fact it’s pretty good outside – ISO 3-ish, wide open (f/4.5) it comes out to 1/20s on a sunny day – totally usable hand held. That’s underexposing it a bit but the slower times don’t work reliably on my shutter. But with artificial lighting, the paper drops to maybe ISO 1 or even less, and that means tripod and that makes it a whole lot less fun. I also ordered actual 9×12 film now, so we’ll see how that goes.

For me, it’s much more fun to use this old museum piece of a camera hand-held. Anyone can screw any old thing to a tripod, that’s not enough equipment abuse for my taste.

1920s 9×12 folding camera w/ 135mm Doppelanastigmat lens and Compur shutter at ~f/9, exposure time 40 seconds or so. Digital positive from paper negative.

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