2020s Berlin with a 1920s camera

I have exactly 3 plate holders and it made some sort of picture for each of them, so that’s sort of amazing. All hand-held, between 1/20s and 1/5s, all on Ilford MGRC paper, cut to 9x12cm. Composition by guesswork. Well, by using the “brilliant finder”, which is neither brilliant, nor really showing what the camera sees. Focused by guesswork, and I guessed wrong twice but that’s totally cool with me. Can’t even really focus at infinity, because where I stuff the paper into the plate holders is not where a glass plate would sit. Digital positives, haven’t tried to do prints from it yet.

Anyway, I like it. It looks bad in a very pleasing way. Also people seem to like the camera, there’s probably more pictures of me than pictures I took. Also, ISO 3 is surprisingly usable on a sunny day. (Paper is much cheaper than film at this size, that’s why I use it). So ya, the little camera is working 🙂

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