• Future Tech

    Future Tech

    Have tried out the Sony Mavica FD88 a bit today. Took 20 pictures, on 7 floppy disks, and managed to successfully copy …12 of them. Though that may also be the fault of the cheap floppy drive I have here. These aren’t the world’s most exciting photos ever but it’s still surprising to me how […]

  • The 1999 Sony Mavica FD88

    The 1999 Sony Mavica FD88

    Is kinda fun! The party piece is that it stores the images on 3.5 inch floppy disks – but it also makes surprisingly nice pictures. It’s really quite a joy to use, I’ve personally had much worse digital cameras that came out much later. The color rendering is competent but somewhat boring, the display is […]

  • bird on canvas

    bird on canvas

    Oil on canvas, in fact, 8x8cm smol. I’m not much of a painter but the little I did I did in acrylic, which behaves pretty intuitively. Oil paint, on the other hand, doesn’t dry for like a week or so and it’s a bit annoying. Though obviously it opens up the possibility of more advanced […]

  • nature in the city

    nature in the city

    Since it’s spring maybe though not totally sure. Shot with a 1932 Rolleiflex “Old Standard”, Fomapan 400, scanned negatives. Developed in xtol (XT-3) because my Rodinal is empty and Fotoimpex only had tiny bottles in store. Is it sharper? Maybe. But I usually do stand-development in 1:100 Rodinal for an hour (or two if I […]

  • Birds in color

    Birds in color

    Difficult to find things to shoot sometimes, when walking through the same streets in the same stupid Berlin winter weather. So this one is for the birds. All shot with a 1962 Ihagee Exa “0” with a Pentacon 200mm/f4 on Konica Centuria 100. The Exa’s top speed is 1/150s, so not quite the ideal instrument […]

  • advancements in aluminium drypoint

    advancements in aluminium drypoint

    It’s difficult! That much I have learned already. One really has to watch out how hard one presses on the drypoint needle, or the shadow/light will get all wrong. On the plus side, I got a pasta press, a cheap manual model (in fact there’s only one model for sale, they are all the same). […]

  • UV light experiments

    UV light experiments

    I always loved the way very old photographs look, Daguerreotypes and Tintypes and things like that. I don’t really want to mess with the chemistry to do actual wet plate photography (and I don’t have a camera that would fit them, really). But I guessed that a big part of that look is that the […]

  • First dry at drypoint

    First dry at drypoint

    (sorry) I always wanted to give this a try – I have done some lino cuts and I kinda enjoy sitting around and scratching things for hours I guess. Drypoint is harder to print than lino cuts because it’s intaglio, i.e. the ink goes inside the sunken areas (with lino cuts the ink sits on […]

  • Sundays in Berlin

    Sundays in Berlin

    I have been in a photo studio (of sorts) with friends and I had the grandest of times. The idea was everyone takes pictures of everyone else. Now I don’t know what you like doing with your Sundays, but I can absolutely recommend that basic recipe/theme party/extravaganza – in case you’re bored and have the […]

  • timeless (derogatory)

    timeless (derogatory)

    This looks like its title should end in “1872, colorized”, but it’s really just the combination of the landscape at the German/Czech border, winter, expired Agfa Ultra, and someone who can’t hold their camera steady (me). Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa w/ Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/f1.5, on Agfa Ultra 100, scanned negatives. Similar views, similarly unsharp: