happy 2024!

with a ~1935 Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor, and Ilford Delta 100. Basically the best night photography setup possible (sarcasm). I obviously had the Box-Tengor at maximum aperture for maximum light, which is uhm f/11. Faster lenses are a scam by Big Glass to sell more glass. And faster film is a scam by big ISO to sell more grain …or something!

Exposure time determined by the scientific method (“at least 30s feels sort of right, so let’s do one minute”) as is good and proper.

This pic of Altes Museum is a bit less sharp than i would have liked, it’s probably time to update the tripod next. On the other hand, the period-correct way to view this would be as a 6×9 cm contact print and then it’s not so bad.

The squiggly lines were painted by a kid walking by with one of these decorative LEDs-on-a-stick …thingies.

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