so I made a frame

Well it’s not really a frame, it’s just things glued to a canvas but you get the idea.

The leaves are made from air-drying modeling …stuff (boesner keramiplast) which worked surprisingly well. I can’t really do anything other than leaves but leaves I can do.

I started this mostly to try gilding but then the whole thing took so long (this is attempt number two) that I ran out of patience at the end and just used acrylic paint with metal flakes in it. I think it’s mostly bronze but god knows. So playing with real gold will have to wait for another time. It’s still pleasantly shiny in real life.

Photograph also taken by me, with a 1932 Rolleiflex, on the vulcano I was born on. Well, it was more like nearby but you gotta start your legends somehow.

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