Taken with a early-thirties Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor 54/2 that my grandpa gave me when he saw my other old cameras. It’s weirdly elaborate for a box camera – full metal chassis, three selectable focusing distances where it shifts additional lenses behind the main lens, two tripod mounts, and a place for a cable shutter release. So many features! Available apertures are 11, 16, or 22. Two brilliant finders, for landscape and portrait.

There’s only one shutter speed though, nominally 1/30s but I measured it on mine and it’s more like 1/50s. There’s also a bulb mode.

It’s somehow simultaneously very cheap and over-engineered. The shutter sounds like something fell off inside the camera. It is kinda fun though. Takes 6×9 images on medium format film – this one is on Ilford Delta 400. Quite underexposed but not much one can do about that with this camera. With the film available at the time it would be totally useless in anything but bright sunshine.

Also I now officially have too many cameras.

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