Color for the Mimosa

That worked out super well – and even the wildlife was cooperating. It’s not so easy to shoot birds with a fixed 50mm lens, normally.

But I also really like the look of these, there’s something vaguely vintage about them (softness around the edges and things) but it’s not overpowering.

So ya, the little Mimosa is still very much a favorite.

I don’t usually do color at home (anymore) – it’s not really that much of a hassle, it’s more that the chemistry seems to go bad randomly and without any warning. It’s not that much fun to loose a whole film to that. However, I had the color stuff around for some 8mm experiments, so this one is actually home-developed.

I did something wrong (as usual) though, because it turned out like this without color correction:

The war movie look is kinda fitting in this case though – one of those helicopters was flying Zelenskyy back to the airport.

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