open flash

les allemands

I have taken this at a friend’s party a few weeks back and it’s my favorite “candid” picture i’ve ever taken. This was taken with a Mimosa II camera, i.e guess-focused and okay the beer is out of focus but somehow the focus landed exactly on the human interest (name withheld). Which is obviously uhm exactly what I wanted to do.

Also the Mimosa doesn’t have flash-sync (or even a place to attach a flash) – mostly because it’s from 1949, back when people just went to bed once it got dark (might be inaccurate i’m not a historian). So flash pictures are taken by putting the camera in bulb mode, holding the shutter open and then firing a flash in roughly the same direction and more or less at the same time. And honestly every half-decent picture that comes out of that process feels a bit like a miracle.

Film: Adox HR-50

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