8mm home movies

This is the much older regular (or “double”) 8, not super 8. It’s basically 16 mm film that goes through the camera twice and then is split after development into two runs of 8 mm film.

This is on Fomapan R100 (reversal film) which is the only new film readily available in the format. I’d rather have a negative film tbh, this stuff is veryyy easy to overexpose. Plus the development chemicals are kinda expensive. Probably the most expensive way to get a shaky video of …stairs? What was I thinking, I don’t know.

It could look much better than this, but I still have to work on my development setup (10 meters of film are quite unwieldy). Also my filming setup – it looks quite a bit nicer in person, directly from the projector.

The camera (a spring-driven Pentaflex 8 from the early 60s) is kinda weird too. It has interchangeable lenses and a rotating reflex mirror like a “real” cine camera, and it was apparently at its time the most expensive photographic product produced in the GDR. And then super-8 came out and made it instantly obsolete.

Anyway, much to learn until the first academy award but I’m still kinda amazed that moving pictures came out at all, really.

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