Replicated Scrapyards

I’m currently in the process of going through all the source code on my machine, trying to sort it. It’s funny how much of unfinished, buggy, segfaulting stuff accumulates over the years.

Now, I could just go and delete all that code, I’m not going to touch it anymore, anyway. But – well, I can’t.

And since this is 2012 and there’s unlimited space in the cloud, I just opened a scrapyard repository on github.

I’m not just dumping any old files in there – I do make sure things compile and run (most of the time) and I’m writing a small README for each project.

For now, I’ve uploaded an attempt at constructing an artificial intelligence from brainfuck programs. That, maybe not surprisingly, turned out to be a spectacularly bad idea. I’ve written about that some time ago.

And I’ve uploaded what is basically a graphical compiler-error-message viewer. It shows compiler error messages translated into pretty (well, not pretty) animations. It’s an idea with a great future (NOT). If anybody wants to continue working on it – you can now go ahead and make your dreams come true (no no no no no). Here’s a screenshot:

All in all, this repository is not – and will never be – of any value to anybody. And no users means no bugs, right?

And I can sleep well, knowing that my little hacks now live save from any danger, triple-replicated and 24/7 monitored on some US hard drives.

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