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Hi there! Long time no see!

I got a bit side-tracked. Well, that’s an understatement.

At first, I just wanted to re-haul the site’s design a bit. Then I thought, why not re-haul the back-end, too? I was thinking of a wiki-like system, but with pages consisting of independently editable (and lockable) blocks. Just doing that would probably already qualify as a second-system effect.

But I didn’t write a wiki-system. I wrote a programming language instead.

When it’s finished, it will drive this site – as a first small project. I have a “nearly working”[TM] version on my local machine, and I’ll deploy it “really soon now”[TM].

Sadly, the language itself is also not in a state where I could publish the code. I need to clean up some stuff, first. I sincerely hope that this clean-up session will end in an actual clean-up – and not in me attempting to write a new operating system or something like that…

Just some small facts about the language: it’s basically a Lisp, in that it doesn’t do anything special a Lisp couldn’t do, too. It has first-class macros which is a bit unusual, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not revolutionary. There’s probably some Lisp which had them since the mid-seventies (that’s a save bet – for every “new” feature in programming languages there’s a Lisp that had it for at least 30 years).

It also has some constructs which ease the construction of simple, limited macros. These small macros are hygienic – and thus just as easy and straight-forward to write as a function.

I’ll say more about the language as soon as I have the code up on github. It’s pointless to tell you about it without you being able to actually try it.

The run-time system is currently an interpreter written in Python (though that will change soon, the file is called “bootstrap” hint). Writing that interpreter took much longer than it should. I took all the wrong turns one could possibly take. But, to say it with Edison: I have not failed a thousand times – I successfully found 1000 things that won’t work. Or something like that.

Things that I thought would be trivial ended up being pretty hard (parsing numbers is one example) – and some things that I thought would be impossible for me to implement basically wrote themselves as soon as I looked at it right.

Most of this may have been aided by my decision to first write some programs in the language, and then implement the interpreter. Sometimes the high-level constructs I made up were tricky to implement elegantly. So, programmer-me and language-implementor-me often fought each other constantly.

I can’t even imagine how people manage to write programming languages for other people to use. Just tailoring it to my own needs is hard enough. I didn’t know what I wanted, and I didn’t know how to get it. What a wonderful combination.

The clean-up of the interpreter should be done soon, it’s a small program. (That’s a bit sad – so much work for only a couple of hundred relatively trivial lines of code. This must be the thing named “learning” I heard so much about lately…)

After that I’ll finally write that wiki system I wanted to write all along.

No, wait – that was the second idea. What was the first thing again? Ah, yes, CSS tweaks.

Well, yeah, should be done really soon now…

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