The most latest “new year” type post of the year

Seems like everyone else has already made their new-year-resolution blog post. But 2013 came as such a surprise to me that I didn’t have any resolutions handy. I have now, so here we go:

Stop caring about effort: If there was only one thing I could complain about on this world, it would be effort-tracking. As opposed to tracking the results, obviously. Everybody seems to do it, and not only is it not helping, it’s actively damaging. Effort doesn’t matter, results do. What exactly is a result is more of a philosophical question, and the line’s not very clear. The extremes are, however: Lines of code are not a result, for example. Why is this on my list of new year resolutions? I caught myself doing the exact same thing, disregarding good ideas because it’s only a page or so of code. And, on the other hand, thinking that only because I spent a lot of evenings working on something that it must be good, and that I can’t just delete it, even if it’s clear that there are problems with my approach. Bullshit.

Finish more stuff: This one’s simple. I start a lot, I finish too little. The last 5% always turn out to be the hardest to do – not technically, just motivation-wise. But there’s quite a lot of motivation coming in from the stuff I actually did finish. More of that in 2013.

2012 was a year of bad compromises. I’m now finishing my apprenticeship and I won’t let 2013 turn into that kind of “soldiering on” thing. It’s gonna be a pretty exciting year, I’m sure.

Oh, and thank you, dear readers, for your reading and occasional commenting and mailing. All two-point-five of you! 😉

Happy hacking in 2013!

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