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Last week, I submitted a little hack to reddit and it was quite well received. It still failed to take down my cheap shared-hosting account, though…

The comments on reddit were pretty nice, but what really made me smile was Greg K-H sharing it on Google+. I “followed” Greg some time ago because – well, he maintains my kernel – and thus saw my 100 lines of C coming up on my stream. I liked that much more than I would usually admit. 🙂

Today, as promised, I uploaded the renderer that generated the picture from the last entry. I wanted to polish it a bit first, but it’s 35 degrees outside (and inside) – much too warm for anything that involves thinking. So, it’s hardly usable, but I’m pretty sure that the target group for mandelbrot images doesn’t care too much.

It does have one neat feature, though – one can directly link to specific positions and zoom-settings. The image I’ve posted before, for example, is from about here.

I’ve also registered for the Ludum Dare 48h game programming competition next weekend. It’s my first programming competition of any sort – and it’ll be my first finished game, if I succeed.

I’ve thought about writing in Racket for the contest – but I won’t, since I would probably have been the only one using Racket, and since I’m not yet that good in it. I’ll do a Racket-based Ludum Dare attendance once I can be pretty sure I won’t be a disgrace to the language… 😉

JavaScript and the 2D drawing context of the canvas element (some people call that combination “HTML5”) is what I’ll be using this weekend.

It’s gonna be a whole lotta fun, I’m sure.

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