I live in prenzlauer berg, Rolleiflex edition.

I live in prenzlauer berg, Rolleiflex edition.

So I got my new Rolleiflex “Old Standard” back together, which is somewhat surprising. Even more surprising is that it works as well as it does. The assembly date on the mirror (2nd pic) puts it at 89 years old, turning 90 in October. So that’s pretty neat.

It’ll take a bit until I get used to it. It’s surprisingly ergonomic to take pictures with, but it’s also surprisingly impossible to carry around in comfort. Seems like there is a reason why most people have it on a neck strap, who knew. There is also a reason for changing out the focusing screen in the viewfinder – the original is super dark around the edges. But hey, it also doesn’t have an SD Card slot or Wi-Fi; some pain is just part of the whole experience. I think. The square format is nice to look at when done well (i.e. not this picture :P) but pretty difficult to shoot well. There’s so much stuff in every frame, maddening! It does take nice pictures though, when used to take nice pictures. I’m sure.

1932 Rolleiflex “Old Standard” w/ 75mm 3.8, on Fomapan 400, scanned negative

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