narcissism (colorized)

Skin tones, it turns out, are very difficult to do. I ended up sort of dabbing them on (2nd pic is that in progress). Pre-mixing didn’t work at all. There’s still a bit of a texture to it that I couldn’t get rid of without wiping off all the paint again. But at normal viewing distance it’s not too noticeable. This is still has a bit of that early 20th century colorized photo look to it (they probably had problems with realistic skin tones too), but I find that quite charming. Last pic is what I started with.

It’s all a bit easier with bigger prints (the house from the previous post is about A4 size), but it’s still quite fun with the smaller ones. I’m not a painter, this is actually much easier than it looks.

Pic taken with an Ihagee Exakta w/ Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 2.8/35mm on Ilford Delta 400, darkroom-printed on ORWO BS1 paper, plus a bit of oil paint sprinkled on top.

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