experiments in process abuse

these are all prints on Ilford MGRC (black and white) paper, which makes very nice colors when left unfixed and then exposed to light

1 – developer, no fixer, slightly bleached in hydrogen peroxide (which turned it brown), the color circle is exposure with a desk lamp

2 – developer, no fixer, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide – so basically what you would do if you’d want to reverse it, just not quite as long in the hydrogen peroxide (which bleaches the blackest parts first, so that’s kinda interesting). The colors are from exposure to light afterwards. I have no idea where the pink “wings” come from.

3 – completely overexposed in the enlarger, developer (it was all black at this point), no fixer, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, desk lamp for the red

4 – print 3 before it turned red

5 – direct scan of the negative

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