My kitchen windows, circa 1862

This one is “properly” exposed in the sense that there’s both highlight and shadow detail, sort of – but the range is so small, it looks too dark and too bright at the same time. Probably better to pick a side and let the highlights blow out, or the shadows go black, respectively. Who wants to see the highlights anyway.

Using a light meter app now, which works alright, except it doesn’t quite go down far enough with the film speed. I’m treating this paper as ISO 3 plus two stops, so that should be, uhm… ISO 0.75? I think? Do I look like I know what I’m doing? That overexposes it a bit, but you need that for the reversal process.

Next up is hacking the Polaroid’s shutter a bit more, because sunny days outside would come out to 1 second exposure, or even less, and that’s a bit difficult to time by hand.

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