fuzzy sunset memories

On Svema DS-4 color film, expired 1987, and very thoroughly at that. This was the last roll I had and I have gotten better in developing it: it doesn’t like temperature above 25°C, and it really doesn’t like too much C41 bleach. Also after development it just stays sticky forever. Even with C41 stabilizer.

It’s difficult to tell if this even is in color – though I’ve got the black&white silver layer bleached away, so this picture does come out of the color layers. I also don’t have the correct developer for it, and C41 chemicals apparently don’t develop the red layer properly. And this sunset scene is mostly red.

I do like what it does, when it works at all (this is one of four pictures on the whole roll, there’s just nothing at all visible in the other ones). But uhm, well, I’m not in a great hurry to get more of it. I’m sure it was fine in 1987, and with the right developer though. And the silver layer seems to have hold up better, so developing it as black and white would probably just work. But where’s the fun in that.

Rolleiflex “Old Standard”, scanned negative.

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