stuck in the Mitte with you

Shot with a Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa w/ Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/f1.5.

Focus on the wrong thing? Check!

Also, the little Contax has a small shutter problem at higher speeds, which makes one image edge darker. The internet says this is because the shutter curtains don’t travel at the same speed. Not the easiest of problems to fix.

Though I have to do some tests because I think it only happens at 1/500s and 1/1250s, which I wouldn’t really care too much about. Yes, they had sub-1/1000th of a second cameras in 1953 – this one. Though I guess not anymore for *this specific one*… ahem.

I still like the Contax though. It’s just solid and feels nice to handle, and apart from all its problems, it’s completely problem-free.

More “walking through the city stuff”:


Kodak Ektar 100, film developed by film speed lab, underexposure and scans by me.

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