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I’m doing something radically new today - I’m showing off my desktop.

Yeah, it’s a common theme - but at least I don’t have the standard “cool special effects” and “super-cool wallpaper” desktop. My “wallpaper” is solid black. And the only special effect is a frame that is drawn around the focused window.

screenshot - part of my desktop

My desktop doesn’t feature panels, or - heaven forbid - a “start” menu. I don’t have file icons on the desktop. I don’t have widgets. I look outside my window to get the current weather for Leipzig, SA, Germany, every 30 seconds new.

I use wmii.

Wmii is a tiling window manager - which basically means that windows cannot overlap. But that is a misleading explanation, as some (modal) windows do overlap. Additionally, wmii has an overlapping “classic” mode. So what is this stuff all about, then?

Tiling window management makes using the whole desktop the default. Tiling window managers do actually manage the friggin’ windows and don’t let the user juggle them around. Tiling window managers are the best thing since sliced bread. Really!

Tiling window managers save time: For example, in order to get the window layout shown in the screenshot below, you only have to do the following:

In reality, this feels not as lengthy as the explanation above, but more like:

MOD4+(4*RET) | MOD4+shift+h | MOD4+p fir RET

and you’re on your way my desktop!

screenshot, showing my desktop (wmii, 4 xterms, Firefox)

PS: We do have cookies!

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