Infrared Experiments

My Olympus OM-D E-10 Mark II has seen little use since I got into analog photography, and old mechanical cameras. So I thought, might as well convert it to full-spectrum (by taking out the internal IR filter) and have some fun with it. I almost destroyed the camera in the process, as is tradition (for me) but I did get it to work. Also got a set of IR-bandpass filters. Aaaaand…

I don’t like it all that much, to be totally honest. I think there might be some fun to be had with portraits, but for landscape it’s all very kitschy (in >720 nm false color, as these are) or very kitschy and weirdly boring (in >950 nm black and white). But I’ll try again, maybe just not in an …infrared mood at the moment.

These pictures here did take some fiddling in lightroom to get the colors out of them – the in-camera white balance settings are not extreme enough. Of course, none of the colors are real, it’s all infrared. So one could have taken any two colors, really. But keeping the sky blue is probably a good idea.

I don’t hate these but it’s really really easy to take infrared pictures that I do hate. So I’m still struggling with that.

All taken at Teufelsberg in Berlin, which is a really cool place. Also super colorful if you don’t shoot it in infrared. Ya, might have not been my best idea yet ◡̈

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