Cinestill 50D in Hamburg

First time I tried this film and I really like it. For me, medium format in color always has that slight magical touch to it – because it usually looks just like the view through the Rolleiflex viewfinder. Which makes everything look awesome in a way that I can’t describe – maybe the grain, or the size of it or the fact that it’s so dark that it basically increases contrast in much the same way the film itself does.

Also, ISO 50 is really nice on a sunny day – I try to shoot all my old cameras pretty wide open if I can. And while the old Tessar in the Rolleiflex can be really sharp, at like f/8 or so, it’s much more charming at f/4 or so. If I wanted sharpness, I’d use my phone.

it’s very hard to shoot a Rolleiflex angled downwards, so each one of these represents a bit of a struggle

So this is film is pretty much ideal for summer. It comes out of my (rather imprecise) home-development and home-scanning pretty neutral looking, which is nice – it’s easy to bend it a bit warmer or colder in post-processing. Well, I say post-processing, but I usually only use the built-in adjustments in the iPhone.

this is the “Chilehaus” which is quite amazing in person really

Anyway, ya, can absolutely recommend that film.

not an exciting picture

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