Birds in color

Difficult to find things to shoot sometimes, when walking through the same streets in the same stupid Berlin winter weather. So this one is for the birds.


All shot with a 1962 Ihagee Exa “0” with a Pentacon 200mm/f4 on Konica Centuria 100.

The Exa’s top speed is 1/150s, so not quite the ideal instrument for bird photography. Also, due to its really funky shutter construction (essentially, the reflex mirror is the shutter), there’s some vignetting at the top with long lenses.

On the plus side, the Exa just works, whereas my bigger/better/professional Exaktas (multiple) like to disintegrate every time I look at them funny.

birb (other direction)
small bird (birdus smallensis)
bigger bird (birdus biggus)

Development by film speed lab, but the scans are my own.

full scan, showing the Exa’s vignetting, and also the too slow of a shutter speed, for a 200mm lens. Though the focus is off, too – it’s not just only my shaky hands 😛

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