Apparently I had a socialist kind of day with the subminiature camera. Btw, sometimes these are labeled as “spy cameras”, which they are absolutely not. Taking pictures with a shiny chrome-plated toy while giggling (impossible to suppress, even with training) is not exactly the most covert way of going about it.

This camera has no ability to focus (nor to fuck up the focus, I guess, the optimist would say) – the second picture is out of focus because my home-hacked film decided to buckle around. The camera is also not focused on infinity, more like 15 meters or so. The front lens screws out, so in theory one could focus closer, which I might try once I have film that stays in place a bit better. Anyway.

Mycro III A, on Ilford Delta 100 cut to 17.5 mm, scanned negatives.

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