November 2021

(picture by @reliographie)

One thing I learned during the last few apocalypses is that apparently, no matter what’s going on, you still gotta show up at work. I don’t know what I expected dot jpeg but somehow – not that.

That makes it kinda fun that most social media is categorized into “safe for ultra-religious 3 year-olds at the workplace” and the evil rest. War in Europe? Safe. Pandemic? Safe. But these photos? Ehhhh, we could say it’s “art” but don’t push it.

I’m getting my homepage back together (that sentence to be read with the same inflection as the Blues Brothers’ “we’re getting the band back together”) because I’ve decided I want to go to homepages again. Older readers might remember that that used to be fun, back when nobody took this internet thing so seriously. Nowadays it seems all that is left on the free web are cooking blogs and résumés. The dribbble search results for “personal homepage” are about as personal as a company-mandated name tag. “Hi, I’m an interface designer”. Yeah well hi interface designer, I’m not.

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