mountain view

Shot with an Ihagee Exakta Varex IIb with a Pentacon 200mm/f4 lens on Konica Centura 100 film.

The film expired 2001, i.e. it’s basically brand new – when compared to the other color films I have been using lately. Also this is actually negative color film for once, so no cross-processing. Still looks very pleasingly like something from the last century. I shot it at ISO 50-ish (box speed 100) but in a very sloppy way, by looking at a light meter app once per day and then just sort of winging it from there.

The Exakta with this lens attached weighs about 3 metric tons, making it quite difficult to hold the whole thing still. IIRC this was shot at the Exakta’s top speed of 1/1000s, that’s why it’s sort of sharp. Sort of. Sharp enough.

I don’t know why the sky is darker in the middle (there are other pictures where that’s much more pronounced). No polarization- or UV filter was harmed (or used) for this shot. Maybe that’s a development thing, because I also did that in a sort of handwavey fashion. But I like that it’s not uniform, and I like the dust on the negative. It’s a physical thing, it should have the artifacts to prove it.

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