Another 6×10…ish* from the Kodak from a land before our time. I really love this format, somehow. It might just be that it’s because I see most of these as positives for the first time on my iPhone, and this pretty much exactly fills the screen. And bigger just subconsciously looks better? Who knows.

Also, the lens is really quite good. I had expected more vintage-y weirdness and softness. On the other hand, f6.3 maximum aperture is not very big and is probably hiding some of that. This picture here was taken at f22 IIRC, so this isn’t the best benchmark anyway.

*the negative is 6×10 but it extends over the side-markings of the film, which on my scanner are unfortunately hidden by the film holder. This image is more like 6×11.5, which is approaching panorama formats. Hmmm, maybe I should get a panorama camera…

📷 1920 Kodak 1A Autographic Special, on Fomapan 400, scanned negative

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