todo: do

I’m not a big fan of anything in list form, really, but I do keep TODO lists. I’m currently using Trello for that.

Trello is great, but it invites one (well, me) to play with it. That is, to create new lists and re-order stuff and label it and re-label it, and so on. The result is that I now have a very nice TODO list but I’ve done nothing. I knew I had to stop using Trello after I created a meta-TODO list for the TODO lists some days ago. That’s getting seriously unhealthy…

I think the main problem is that Trello lives in the browser, but the stuff I want to do lives (mostly) in ~/src.

Now, it’s a well-known law in programming that every programmer has to write a hello-world program, a blog engine, and a TODO organizer.

So I did what I had todo (ahem) and wrote a small program that finds TODO and GOAL files in ~/src, orders them by age, and displays them (oldest first).

I called it “slacker”, obviously.

No, it’s not pretty. We’ll see if it helps.

PS: The code is on github if you want it – though it’s currently more a small hack than anything else. It works on Linux/X11 and should work on Mac OS X and Windows, too.

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