Certainly Not Mainstream

I like reading source code but it’s hard to find suggestions for programs that make a good read. There are some lists floating around the web, but it’s always the same four or five projects – sqlite, xmonad, and so on. And it seemed to me that most people blurting out “sqlite” didn’t really read it.

Well, I thought, one way to get informed suggestions for programs to read would be to create a community of people who read programs.

So I created /r/listing, and announced it on /r/programming, and…

…it bombed. Completely. 5 upvotes, 5 downvotes. I knew that it wouldn’t exactly attract millions of people, but I also didn’t expect it to do that bad.

But it’s not the end of the world. We do have 6 subscribers, mind you. It will be a slower growth than I anticipated but maybe that’s actually a good thing.

The current suggestions for programs to read are:

aaaaaand – *drum roll*


Well, what can I say – it’s a start.

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