Fuck Unity, Fuck GNOME3, I’m going to downgrade

Warning: This is a rage – and, as rages typically go, it doesn’t contain any information beside “I am frustrated and stuff doesn’t work”. I’ll leave it here (it’s the only page on this site that gets stable non-zero traffic) – but please continue at your own peril. Also, I’m normally a calm and friendly person. Just so you know. (Oh, and I ended up using Xfce on a Debian system.)

Today I tried to connect a monitor to a netbook running Ubuntu 11.10. It was a farce.

The netbook recognized the monitor.

That’s the only thing that worked. To be precise: that’s the only thing these “designer” fucktards have not managed to break over the latest Ubuntu releases.

And boy, did they break a lot. First of all, “Unity”, Ubuntu’s new buggy desktop environment, cannot handle multiple monitors with different resolutions. It just can’t. They never even thought of the possibility. Because everything in this pile of crap is “designed” to fill the complete screen, everything looks very, very, very bad if there isn’t one single complete screen.

The application-launch-panel joke-thingy on the left adjusts itself to a completely arbitrary length, displaying some pathetic “more applications” symbol on what it thinks is the bottom of the screen. This is idiotic in normal operation – and it gets truly moronic when the calculated (or guessed?) “bottom of the screen” is actually the middle of the screen.

Second, you cannot decide on which screen you want this panel to be. That would be too much complexity, I guess. Yeah, better leave that preference setting out.

But – there was hope. Xubuntu, the xfce version, delivering the good things of Ubuntu without the Children’s-Playground-GUI side since 2010. And they fucked that up, too.

You know, it was a netbook. And because, over in designer-land, a netbook is somehow not a real computer, and because it’s so small, every fucking single window gets maximized by default. What the fucking fuck fuck were they thinking?

Oh, I know, just switch the auto-maximization off in the preferences panel!

Hahaha. Of course, there is no fucking preference for this absolutely moronic decision. Its built-in. Live with it.

Fuck you.

Now, to be fair – it is possible to switch this and most other idiotic things off. Just open “gconf-editor” and edit the setting under /apps/whatever/dontcare/this/is/worse/than/the/windows/registry.

It’s embarrassing. In a deep, fundamental way.

You, ladies and gentlemen, all of you working on Unity and on GNOME3, designing the “user experience” to meet some wet dream you once had, about linux on some touch device – you kill the linux desktop. Right now. And every fucking day.

I used to recommend Ubuntu to everyone. As a faster, more stable, more secure operating system. Without much to learn, or to adjust, if you’re switching from Windows. Firefox is there, Thunderbird is there. It’s just faster. The sun shines.

I cannot do that anymore. I can’t, for the love of god, recommend anyone to switch from a stable Windows 7 desktop to the highly unstable, bug ridden joke that is the Unity or GNOME3 desktop.

And I won’t.

I’m going to downgrade. I’m going to install Ubuntu 9.10.

Because that one had a desktop. One that doesn’t change every 2 minutes.

Play your teenage games without me, fuckers.

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