First Pictures from my Reflex-Korelle

I have recently gotten myself a Kochmann Reflex-Korelle III, and a IIa – both from the late 1930s and both non-working. And I have just today managed to combine them into a working one. The Reflex-Korelle itself isn’t really that rare, but working ones kind of are. There are a lot of reasons for that – the design is a bit …unusual, let’s call it that.

it’s mostly a IIa but with the lens mount of a III – because the III came with that amazing lens

I’ll write up some repair notes at some point, but for now: pictures!

All shot with a (really pretty rare) 24cm f4.5 Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar. I’m pretty sure it’s not technically a Tele, since it’s also pretty much exactly 24cm long. But anyway, not very common to have such a long lens on a camera this old.

These are not the world’s greatest pictures but I wanted to shoot at least one film as long as the camera was actually working.

This one shows what happens when there’s sun falling on the front element. The lens came with a huge sun hood and that’s probably the reason for that – it really doesn’t like sun on it.

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