• white christmas

    white christmas

    With a cute late 1930s Welta Welti or Weltax (it’s hard to tell). Not a special camera in any way but it folds down and fits into a coat pocket which is neat. And also it’s actually easy to hold and use, unlike its over-complicated sister model Weltini. Though to be honest I did mess…

  • nature in the city, december edition

    nature in the city, december edition

    Shot with a ~1960 Ihagee Exakta Varex IIa, with a Sonnar 135/f4 that I should be using more, really. Pretty much the ideal focal length for “look there’s a neat scene over there”. On Foma 200 (which I like much more than the 100), scanned negatives.

  • open flash

    open flash

    I have taken this at a friend’s party a few weeks back and it’s my favorite “candid” picture i’ve ever taken. This was taken with a Mimosa II camera, i.e guess-focused and okay the beer is out of focus but somehow the focus landed exactly on the human interest (name withheld). Which is obviously uhm…

  • Brothers


    unfortunately they have restored this statue by now and added the missing bits back, thereby completely destroying everything that was good about it. philistines. (why Alois Senefelder needs two naked boys sitting below him is another question but that shall stay un-asked)

  • so I made a frame

    so I made a frame

    Well it’s not really a frame, it’s just things glued to a canvas but you get the idea. The leaves are made from air-drying modeling …stuff (boesner keramiplast) which worked surprisingly well. I can’t really do anything other than leaves but leaves I can do. I started this mostly to try gilding but then the…

  • pictures of cranes

    pictures of cranes

    So there’s these cranes at alexanderplatz and they are kind of placed in a visually appealing fashion but I have taken a lot of pictures of them and it’s always just pictures of cranes. They look so much more interesting in real life somehow. so i give up. Here’s pictures of cranes. First one with…

  • more half-frame things

    more half-frame things

    These are fake in the sense that I scanned them as single images initially and the black frames are not the original ones, but real in the sense that they were taken next to each other and this is what it looks like on the negative. Taken with a Ricoh Auto-Half E2 that I still…

  • in the cold cold night

    in the cold cold night

    Shot with a 1963 Voigtländer Vito CD with a flipped rear lens element. That is, “all effects in-camera” as the kids would say. It’s a bit strong for my liking at f2.8 (as these are) – f8 or so would have looked better. But f8 would also have meant like 10 minutes or so exposure…

  • Birds and Infrastructure

    Birds and Infrastructure

    Camera: Ricoh Auto-Half E2, at full speed (which is like a frame a second or so, when it’s fully wound up). Cropped digitally. I forgot which film because i am very well organized.

  • Do not adjust your set

    Do not adjust your set

    It’s …a thing …i made. i think it turned out pretty cool, for weird definitions of cool. The camera is a mid-80s (I think) Panasonic WVP-A2E color video camera with a single Newvicon video tube; plus digital CRT emulation to make it look right. The text is done in-camera (it’s a fancy camera). Some say…