• Contax travels

    Contax travels

    The one other camera I had with me on my holiday was the Contax IIIa, with a 50mm f1.5 Sonnar lens, which is just such a nice piece of kit. Critically undervalued, too – especially if you go for the ones that nobody wants (III/IIIa, with the light meter that often doesn’t work anymore, instead…

  • Cinestill 50D in Hamburg

    Cinestill 50D in Hamburg

    First time I tried this film and I really like it. For me, medium format in color always has that slight magical touch to it – because it usually looks just like the view through the Rolleiflex viewfinder. Which makes everything look awesome in a way that I can’t describe – maybe the grain, or…

  • Forest Photography

    Forest Photography

    With a Contax. The textures really came out nicely, considering this is Kodak Gold and also 35mm.

  • Wonky Town

    Wonky Town

    Lübeck, the town where nothing is straight. The Holsten Tor is surprisingly wonky in real life and looks like it wants to sink into the ground. The Salzspeicher – Nosferatu’s old apartment – is simultaneously leaning in all directions (but at least it didn’t get worse since the 1922 film). And the towers of the…

  • Essential Denmark

    Essential Denmark

    Could have made hundreds of these pictures and I almost did. And they turned out pretty nice. All Kodak Gold 200, but home-developed and home-scanned, so the colors are a bit off, but in a very pleasant way I think. I just forgot which film came out of which camera, but these are all either…

  • Modernism


    With the Rolleiflex, so it doesn’t get too jealous of all the other cameras. Also on HP5+, which isn’t exactly ideal in summer, with a camera that tops out at 1/300s…

  • pictures of nothing

    pictures of nothing

    but through a 1935 Plaubel Makina II, which makes everything look pretty, especially wide open. I think I’ll get some slower film for it next, so I can keep it at f2.9 more often. These ones on Fomapan 100, which is extremely picky about how it wants to get exposed. If you hit it right…

  • instax wide fun

    instax wide fun

    Shot with a Fuji Instax Wide 300, which I originally bought to hack into a film back for my 9×12 camera, but it’s just too much fun as it is. I think I’ll buy another one to break apart, and keep this one around as an actual working camera 🙂 The best pictures are all…

  • austria through a flipped lens

    austria through a flipped lens

    Shot with an early 60s Voigtländer Vito CD with a reversed rear lens element. Previous attempts in black-and-white are available 🙂 It looks even more funky in color I think. On Kodak Ektar 100 because sometimes you have to spend money to …spend money? Dev+Scan by filmspeedlab and it turned out just perfectly. With smaller…

  • austria through a 1949 mimosa

    austria through a 1949 mimosa

    Such a great little camera, really – somehow especially great in color. It does have some sort of coating on the lens, and that really does seem to help. Dev+Scan by filmspeedlab, on Kodak Ektar 100.