• Auto-Half Narcissism

    Auto-Half Narcissism

    New cameras must be used to take nudes first, it’s the law! Agfa APX 100 at very-much-not ISO 100 kind of light levels. Through a Ricoh Auto Half E2. Also I need a longer cable release. And maybe faster film. Maybe 😛 The dust is part of the whole vibe, man.

  • The 1976 Ricoh Auto-Half E2

    The 1976 Ricoh Auto-Half E2

    …is just a wonderful break from all my overly professional manual cameras. It’s fully-automatic – but in a way that would still count as fully-automatic today. Camera makers have a bit of a habit of claiming things are “automatic”, especially around the mid-20th century – but this little thing really deserves that label. There are…

  • End of Summer

    End of Summer

    With a 1917 Kodak 1A Autographic Special, adapted to 120 medium-format film. The Kodak will at some point need an overhaul of its …original overhaul. When I got it, the bellows were basically bellows-shaped dust and bits of paper, so I made a new set for it. But bellows material is really hard to come…

  • Leipzig with a Rolleiflex

    Leipzig with a Rolleiflex

    These are pictures of nothing, because I like pictures of nothing. On Foma Ortho 400, which I still find pretty neat.

  • Fishy Circles

    Fishy Circles

    Still learning how to use the fisheye lens that I adapted to my Reflex-Korelle. Well, not really learning how to use it, because it is super simple to use. More like learning what to use it for. Apart from the horizon directly in the middle, and exactly one vertical line down the middle, the only…

  • Infrared Experiments

    Infrared Experiments

    My Olympus OM-D E-10 Mark II has seen little use since I got into analog photography, and old mechanical cameras. So I thought, might as well convert it to full-spectrum (by taking out the internal IR filter) and have some fun with it. I almost destroyed the camera in the process, as is tradition (for…

  • Ultrawide Adaptations

    Ultrawide Adaptations

    This was shot with a “Zodiak-8” 30 mm f/3.5 lens, adapted to a 1930s Reflex-Korelle. Somehow, there is no commercial adapter available for that combination (I got the lens with a Pentax 6×7 mount), so I had to make my own. Capitalism sleeping again. The adapter is 3D printed and my design is not exactly…

  • Subminiature Berlin

    Subminiature Berlin

    More from the 17.5 mm Mycro III. At f/8 and 1/100s, things do get considerably sharper. Not that it matters, because I still find it impossible to use this little thing without giggling l. It doesn’t look like it should work, but it does. And from the 8 pictures on this film only two had…

  • Mycro Fun

    Mycro Fun

    Almost forgot just how much fun this thing is to use. I had it on the slowest shutter speed (1/25s), where unfortunately the shutter stays open sometimes. So I only have 2 pictures out of 8, but these turned out pretty fine for what it is (all with the widest aperture, too, f5.6): On Adox…

  • Today we Tessar

    Today we Tessar

    Still with the Reflex-Korelle, which has survived its second film now. Apart from the really fun but also stupidly heavy 24cm Tele-Xenar, I also have an 8cm f2.8 Tessar for it, which makes the whole thing almost compact. Much easier to use, in any case. I haven’t really used it to it’s full potential yet,…