slightly alarmed expressions

from the first test film with my new (1953) Contax, which I bought on eBay while slightly drunk on a Christmas market (as one does). Je ne regrette rien, this thing is just nice. Heavy, everything is buttery smooth, and it looks pleasantly weird. And everything works. Sort of, the light meter is off by a lot, but the mechanics are just like new, after a bit of cleaning. This was more expensive than a Leica back in the day, but it’s much much cheaper than a Leica nowadays. It’s also less common. I don’t understand how vintage camera prices work but I’m not complaining.

All pictures wide-open (f/1.5) because I bought the whole lens, I’m gonna use the whole lens. It’ll probably get sharper when closed down more but this is a-okay for me.

Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa w/ Zeiss Sonnar 50mm/f1.5, on Ilford Delta 400, scanned negatives

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