Kreidefelsen Krokodil

So this has weird colors because it was overexposed. I think. Usually my method is sunny 16, and then I add or subtract random amounts of time or aperture based on the current moon phase and my general feeling. It’s not very scientific. Sometimes I also look at my light meter app and then don’t do what it says I should do. Usually that works out alright – for scanned negatives, overexposure almost doesn’t matter. Until you totally overdo it like I think I did here.

I have another couple Kreidefelsen pics on a Delta 400 b/w film, but that’s still in the camera. We’ll see how those turned out. Not doing things properly just adds that little spark of excitement 🤪

My scanner, not to be outdone by my incompetence, added a row of dead pixels. So we have analog and digital errors in one picture.

Setup same as last couple posts: Ihagee Exa, Hanimex 2x teleconverter, Pancolar 2/50mm, Konica Centuria 100

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