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Apparently, recruiting spammers are making progress - they now have a perl script that parses github user profiles:

Subject: Data mining project
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 10:44:06 -0000
From: "Tanya Kotwall" <>
To: <>

Hi Richard,

Notice your github online.. (was trying to understand the my_brain_hurts repositories)

A contact of mine founded in Munich, it’s a datamining platform and they partner with businesses like tripadvisor. At the moment they are looking for a front end web applications engineer as well as python backend engineer.. not sure if you are aware of anyone in the community who could be up for a challenge (down in Munich)?

Thanks very much for your thoughts J

Tanya Kotwall

Senior Consultant

NJF Europe Ltd

Here are the entire contents of the repo that they have problems to understand:

from os import*
for c in read(0,9**9):r+='\n'+' '*p+dict(zip("><+-.,[","p+=1|p-=1|s[p]+=1|s[p]-=1|write(1,chr(s[p]))|s[p]=ord(read(0,1))|while s[p]:".split('|'))).get(c,'');p+=c in'[]'and 92-ord(c)
exec r

And who could blame them? It’s not exactly pretty code. It’s also not very interesting - it’s a brainfuck interpreter. It first translates brainfuck into python (in the long line, the result of the dict call is a mapping between brainfuck (first argument to zip) and python (the rest)). The value of p is used for indentation. The last line executes the resulting python program.

So much for the explanation - and since they asked for my thoughts, here are my thoughts:

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