a programmer's view of the world

NoUnderstand NoFlo
Like the unix shell, but completely different.
Test Driven Development
100% of something.
Given When Then
Gherkin is a hack.
Nice to look at, but not what I wanted.
Racket Appreciation Day
So that's what "pragmatic" means.
I just don't undestand.
CoffeeScript - Second Impressions
Still better than JS, but certainly not perfect.
CoffeeScript - First Impressions
Better than JS - but how could it be worse?
Colored Text in wmii's status bar
What it says on the tin.
Ludum Dare 26 - Postmortem
Things that worked, things that didn't.
Overwriting Dynamically Linked Stuff
Again, just a short mental note.
Write once. Exception in thread "main".
Certainly Not Mainstream
Reading source code before it was cool.
Further stuff I learned about the Cray.
Just some links.
Playing with Typography
While knowing nothing about it.
Tacit Programming in Racket, Part 2
The clarity of APL, the performance of Scheme.
Syntax Parameters: Usage
Just a short mental note.
Ping Turtle
A not very useful graph
todo: do
Make FRP Mainstream!
Why am I just now learning about this?
A Graphical Forever Project
Programmer's speed of light.
You've picked the wrong repository
Spam and eggs and Spam. Spam and Spam and eggs and Spam.
Multiple Dispatch in Racket
Should actually be called: I discovered pattern matching.
Enterprise PHP
The horror.
True Color
Has nothing to do with Cindy Lauper.
Electric Dead Trees
Source code on eInk.
Tacit Programming in Racket
Pointless exercises.
This doesn't seem safe to me
Reflections on trust. No need for clever tricks, Ken.
Found in a line of BASIC.
What a Language!
First impressions of J. A Programming Language.
Hardly Any Python, Hardly Any Cry
Moving the blog around for pain and misery.
Stuff I had lying around.
Ludum Dare Postmortem
Everything that dies someday comes back.

...and the old stuff...

Assorted Stuff
Greetings from Mandelbrot
Replicated Scrapyards
Well, that didn't work out so well
Up Next
PHP explained
Purely Functional Games
A Good Game Architecture Is Hard to Find
These feet are made for walking
Text! Yay!
Planets! Yay!
(values C (set! C (add1 C)))
Secret Alien Technology
Welcome to the Machine
By the Way
There's one thing wrong with Python
Modern Programming
Channels in Newsqueak
Adventures with Newsqueak, part 2
Adventures with Newsqueak
Fuck Unity, Fuck GNOME3, I'm going to downgrade
Lifelong Learning
Pure Functional WTF
The Dark Side
Never Mind
No Wordpress, No Cry
Oh, Android
Fractal Garden 2
Fractal Garden
Canvas Game Of Life
Introducing DadaDodoWeb
Screenshot Monday 1
On Android
Scope Creep
Linux Filename Fails
Screenshot Monday 0
The Joy Of Debugging
Where's My XOR?
More Cowbell!
Graphics Programming
:q! your IDEs - use vi
Plan 9 Is Dead. Long Live Plan 9!
I'm Back - And It Hurts
You Can't Escape The String Escape
Join The Tiling Side
Yet Another Esoteric Programming Language
The Internet - The Best Internet On Earth
Artificial Stupidity
The Turing Machine vs. The Coffee Machine
No Silver cat -v: Reflections on Trusting the Bazaar, or, Lambda and Painters Considered Harmful
Nice Hacks 2
Blending In
Nice Hacks 1
Nice Hacks 0
You Asked For It - You Got It
Google Chrome: Wasting Screen Estate
Arbitrary Limits, or "64 Bits ought to be enough for anybody"
Pipes for Lisp
Forwards, Backwards, or nil