Some old, quick hacks - not polished - hardly usable - use at own risk, if at all

The source code is available, too.

An implementation of the command I keep typing all day long.
Critical Business Software as a Service (create captioned stop-motion gifs).
My entry for the 26th Ludum Dare 48h game programming competition.
Moore's Game
My entry for the 24th Ludum Dare 48h game programming competition.
A self-contained single-file minimalistic HTML5 slide-deck.
Voronoi Mandelbrot
An interactive, zoom-able real-time rendering of the Mandelbrot set, using random points and Voronoi tessellation.
A pixel-based grey-scale Mandelbrot set renderer with super-sampling. It renders in arbitrary resolutions and works pretty well for generating desktop wallpapers.
A line-based image-to-ascii converter. It doesn't work too well, but it's so simple it's a wonder it works at all.
Canvas Game of Life
A living canvas.
Fractal Garden
A very simple fractal viewer.
Fractal Garden 2
More or less a combination of the two above.
Dark Side
An interactive version of Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon album cover.