• The 1949 Mimosa II

    The 1949 Mimosa II

    Is a just wonderful cube shaped little thing. There isn’t much online about this camera, and there really isn’t much to talk about in terms of features. It’s a basic 35mm viewfinder, there’s nothing special about it – except for its shape. And the physical thing itself is just beautiful. It’s very well made, feels […]

  • ORWO in the sun

    ORWO in the sun

    Had another go at shooting some expired ORWO film, this time a NP 20. It was in better condition than the other one I had – but it still has that slightly greyish rendering to it. Though I don’t know, could also just be me holding my camera different when I know I have the […]

  • pinhole photography

    pinhole photography

    Is fun! Also today is world pinhole day, apparently, so I’ve built a little camera. Actually quite a big camera, about 40x40x25cm. It’s basically a falling plate camera, with the paper negatives attached to 8 cardboard “plates” in the back, which are then manually pushed forward to fall down into the camera body after each […]

  • self portraits with mirror and chair

    self portraits with mirror and chair

    The more I do of these, the more I am amazed by people who do this as an art form. Francesca Woodman obviously first and foremost but there are others I find amazing, like Shelbie Dimond. It’s very difficult to do well, especially without mirrors. Focusing is just a chore, composition is basically total guesswork, […]

  • Graveyard shift

    Graveyard shift

    with my Contax. Which has shutter problems at the higher speeds but still works like new at 1/250 and below. It’s fun how small and ergonomic it feels, after shooting with the Plaubel Makina. All on Ilford HP5+, scanned negatives.

  • some 6×9 contact prints

    some 6×9 contact prints

    These are all on old (mid 80s I would guess) ORWO BS-1 paper. That paper is very difficult to keep from curling up while it dries. I should probably get some kind of press. But I also find that it results in very nice prints without much effort. The modern Ilford multi-grade RC paper I […]

  • More Makina

    More Makina

    I still find it very cumbersome to use but it’s getting better. The rangefinder is alright but it being separate from the viewfinder really slows down things even more. Anyway, here’s some things from the last few days ◡ All on Fomapan 400.

  • The Plaubel Makina II

    The Plaubel Makina II

    …is wonderful but also probably the least ergonomic camera ever built. The base camera is already heavy and really difficult to hold. All the controls, focusing, and the shutter button are on the front plate. So the way to hold it is to have one hand on each side of the front plate, and then […]

  • anachronism.jpg


    This is a 18×24 cm (chemically) sepia-toned silver-gelatin contact print of …jpeg compression artifacts, mostly. I printed the negatives from my 1999 Sony Mavica FD88’s “email” mode, where it saves a highly compressed 320×240 pixel picture in addition to the “high resolution” one. You could call it a marriage of analog and digital, except that […]

  • Future Tech

    Future Tech

    Have tried out the Sony Mavica FD88 a bit today. Took 20 pictures, on 7 floppy disks, and managed to successfully copy …12 of them. Though that may also be the fault of the cheap floppy drive I have here. These aren’t the world’s most exciting photos ever but it’s still surprising to me how […]