• light leaks at the end of the tunnel

    light leaks at the end of the tunnel

    Okay there’s still some stuff to fix, and also I should maybe hold the camera steady sometimes (2nd pic) but my little 1890s street photography setup is getting somewhere. These are all underexposed because I was a bit too pessimistic about how fast the shutter was today (with my modifications it fluctuates from somewhere between…

  • pa-no-ra-ma


    Some more half-frame things because it’s kinda fun to have 72 shots per film to waste on stupid stuff 🙂 These are a bit wonky because I just did these hand-held and pretty quickly, but then again I think that’s part of the charm. Ricoh Auto-Half E2, on Fomapan 200.

  • the most simplest waist-level viewfinder ever

    the most simplest waist-level viewfinder ever

    Made from two custom-cut mirrors in a 3D-printed housing. It’s sort of a prototype and it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t really show any sort of framing. But it does show where the camera is pointed to, which should be helpful.

  • fastest thornton-pickard in the west

    fastest thornton-pickard in the west

    Or, well, the fastest Thornton-Pickard “Time&Instantanious” in any case. Natively, that one has shutter speeds from 1/15s to 1/80s. It’s a very simple curtain shutter – the width of the gap is not adjustable, only the spring tension. I made a new curtain for it. I made it out of a pretty thin IKEA blackout…

  • look at this cool rock I found

    look at this cool rock I found

    I don’t think this photo is the right way up, but I also think it’s the right way up. And as Alfred Stieglitz said, what difference does it make what it is a photograph of.

  • ya I’m skeptical too

    ya I’m skeptical too

    We continue the anthropomorphism of city animals with this friendly little bird which had the generosity to just sit there while I fought with the slightly stiff focus on my 135 mm/f4 Carl Zeiss Sonnar. Camera: 60s Ihagee Exakta Varex IIa, on Delta 3200 because it’s winter in Berlin.

  • something for 1890s kids

    something for 1890s kids

    let me explain. This was shot with a ~1890s tailboard camera. Natively it’s a 9×12 camera, but this was done with a medium format rollfilm holder that I taped to the back. Absolutely everything on this camera forces you to shoot it from a tripod – it has a ground-glass focusing screen but no other…

  • time shift

    time shift

    It’s two half-frames next to each other – honestly this worked better than I expected. It also just looks like a picture of a tram with a black line in the middle. So uhm, the concept is sound but maybe a bit more background next time… Camera: the neat little Ricoh Auto-Half E2, on …film.…

  • street photography with a Plaubel Makina II

    street photography with a Plaubel Makina II

    Well, “street photography” – not really. Urban landscape photography? Things I looked neat photography? Something like that. It’s fun to do with the Makina because everything just looks so nice, especially wide open (f/2.9). And since winter is really dark in Berlin, you can shoot it wide-open basically every day. Good thing also thaat it…

  • happy 2024!

    happy 2024!

    with a ~1935 Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor, and Ilford Delta 100. Basically the best night photography setup possible (sarcasm). I obviously had the Box-Tengor at maximum aperture for maximum light, which is uhm f/11. Faster lenses are a scam by Big Glass to sell more glass. And faster film is a scam by big ISO to…